What You Need To Know When Getting Started With Instagram TV

Yael Klass
By Yael Klass
July 3, 2018 · 6 min read

If there’s any doubt that video content is the next big thing, enter Instagram TV to the equation. If video wasn’t the future, why then would Instagram launch a platform specifically designed for video content?

In a world where Snapchat, Facebook (Instagram’s parent company), and YouTube exist; what’s the point? The point may very well be that all metrics point to the video content being on the rise. From advertising to live streams to branded content, businesses are creating and having tremendous success with robust video marketing content.

If you’re a brand and the recent launch of Instagram TV has you putting your marketing cap on, read on and let’s get started with Instagram TV.

What Is Instagram TV?

Instagram TV is a long-form, vertical video application that launched on June 28th, 2018. Only a few days old, Instagram TV is already drawing attention from private individuals to brands looking to capitalize on its potential as a video hosting platform.

Easily accessible from within the Instagram app, Instagram TV allows users to upload videos of all kinds. Each video is presented vertically and may be between 15 seconds and 1 hour long. Viewers can engage with the videos by liking, commenting, or sharing them with their friends.

At the moment, there are no advertising options for brands. While this may be a letdown for those businesses who were looking to promote an ad presence on the platform, relax. There are strong indications that advertisement options will be coming soon.

So Why Should I Care?

As a small business who is on point with their video marketing, the lack of ads is disappointing. However, that doesn’t mean IGTV (as the kids are calling it) is a loss for brands. Think of IGTV as a YouTube-esque platform which allows brands to store and share videos with their followers.

From an engagement standpoint, brands can still create and upload videos with ease. The vertical form of IGTV means that the video is meant to be consumed via mobile device; a growing trend in the video marketing landscape. Consider these statistics:

  • Over half of all online video content is viewed on mobile. That’s half. Of all videos. On the internet.
  • Over 10 million videos are viewed each day on Snapchat (a social media competitor of Instagram).
  • 92% of people who view video content on mobile devices are likely to share it with others.

Given the above stats, it’s more likely than not that Instagram is looking to put a dent in the video content market. Given the last two statistics it also seems likely that advertising options will be made available soon.

Instagram’s owner, Facebook, is no stranger to providing advertising options for brands. If Instagram TV takes off, it’s likely to be welcomed into the Facebook family of advertising options. This means that robust targeting controls and powerful metrics may one day be available.

All the more reason for brands to get started and get familiar with IGTV now.

How To Get Started

Instagram TV is user-friendly and easy to get started with. IGTV is accessible from within the Instagram app or from within the app store. If your business is already using Instagram, you may have noticed the icon in the top, right corner.

Yup, that little TV-looking icon is your gateway to IGTV. Simple, right? If you are already using Instagram you can view and create your channel from within the normal Instagram app. If not, IGTV can be downloaded from the app store.

Once downloaded, brands can create their own channel much the same way you would on YouTube. From there, the sky’s the limit with regard to the type of content you can produce and share.

Brands are already devoting resources to the platform and filling their channels with how-to videos, advertisements, behind-the-scenes looks, commercials, and more. Videos are also shareable on Facebook Watch; Facebook’s video on demand platform.

For newcomers, it is recommended that you take a little while to explore the platform and familiarize yourself with the interface. IGTV is not chock full of features just yet, although Instagram plans to enhance and support the platform in the coming months.

Creators can create and upload content from with the mobile app or desktop; whichever is more convenient.

What Type of Videos Should I Produce?

IGTV is a mobile-first video content platform which means that any video uploaded should be oriented in a vertical fashion, specifically a 9:16 aspect ratio. From there, the possibilities are endless.

As a platform, IGTV is certainly not the first channel to feature video content. However, it is the latest in a growing trend of social networks shifting their focus to video content. LinkedIn recently began supporting B2B video content, Instagram has waded into the video waters before with both their traditional platform as well as the Instagram Stories feature. Of course, Snapchat has been allowing videos since the beginning and both Twitter and Facebook support video content.

Popular video content for brands have always focused on product descriptions and promotions as well as more specialized content such as video testimonials and FAQs. The truth is that with the launch of a new platform, the possibilities are endless. One of the reasons why many brands are flocking to IGTV is to establish a strong presence on what could be the next big thing in video content.

Being an early adopter may afford brands an opportunity to be a part of the conversation and to steer the development of the platform for the future.

The Future of Video

With all the metrics pointing to video, it’s no surprise that new platforms are cropping up. That IGTV has the power of Facebook behind it would suggest that the service is in a great position to grow and be successful. So be sure you always have the right Instagram video size with our handy guide and take advantage of our Instagram story ideas.

For brands looking to jump on board early, IGVT should be seen as the next big in social media video marketing. It’s all the more reason why businesses of all size should be devoting time to creating powerful and engaging video content for IGTV and other social media platforms.


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